Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Knowledge building and the metadiscourse concept

I have now published two papers about knowledge building and the metadiscourse/metacommunication concept:

Some comments from the reviewers:

- Reviewer A: This conceptual paper addresses an important issue regarding the nature of metadiscourse in Knowledge Building. (…)Overall, the paper is well-written and –organized, and it also provides a novel theoretical framework to look at the relationships between metadiscourse and knowledge building activities.

- Reviewer B: The author of this paper made an attempt to clarify and expand the concept of metadiscourse that is important in KBCs. Drawing on discourse examples from two published studies, the author identified several facets of metadiscourse/metacommunication and suggested additional aspects. This attempt is helpful.


Some comments from the reviewers:

Reviewer A: This is a very interesting and much-needed paper that attempts to develop a deeper conceptualization of metadiscourse as it applies to knowledge building practice and research. (…)

- Reviewer B: The work is really interesting to understand how metacommunication can be analyzed in a kb context.

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